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 Ice Vending Machines

Business Opportunity

From now on, the machines will work for you!!

Buy one of our Ice Vending Machines and start increasing your benefits. Thanks to the GSM monitoring system, you can control the Ice Vending Machines comfortably from home, thanks to the –System Telemetry- which notifies via SMS if the machine runs out of bags, if the door remains open or any type of problem that might interrupt the activity.


  • Gas Stations, Bar/Pub, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Car Wash
  • Marine/Ports, Camping, any visible place in the street.

Become Distributor

The Ice Vending machines are revolutionizing the way in which ice is being sold in Europe.

Given the importance of tourism and climate in Italy, these machines represent an attractive business opportunity.

It is an exclusive novelty, simple, profitable and high performance.

If you are interested in becoming an Official Distributor of our products and grow with us in a new market with enormous development potential, don’t think it twice and complete our contact form and our professionals will contact you soon.


Telemetry System

High Performance


CE, ISO 9001/2000 e ISO 14000

Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

Self Service Ice Company and the environment.


Software and Design made in Italy


  • Il nostro specifico software ICETECH permette di gestire e monitorare a distanza grandi quantità di distributori. Incassi, grafici, inventario sacchetti, credito, livello serbatoio, programma manutenzione, allarmi per tentativi di scasso, reset e movimentazioni varie sono solo alcune delle informazioni che ICETECH fornisce via sms o via mail.
  • Il design studiato e progettato in Italia nasce dall’esigenza di facilitare tutte le operazioni interne al distributore. L’accesso alle principali zone di utilizzo sono state create in prossimità degli sportelli di apertura per permettere una rapida e semplice operazione di manutenzione.

Ice Vending Machines

Ice Vending Machines Ice Vending Machines

Vending Machines

Ice Vending Italia Vending Machines

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