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 Ice Vending Machines

The ice vending machines from Self Service Ice Company offer a GSM monitored system which reports any problem that might interrupt the production activity.

High margin Business.

Purchase or become distributor of our products.

Self Service Ice Company and the environment. Our vending machines reduce the emission of the carbon monoxide, at least on an 85%.

 Ice Vending Machines

If you are searching for high quality products, Self Service Ice Company is the right place for you!


Our company offers high quallity Ice Vending Machines and a full professional service with the BEST COMPETITIVE PRICES in the market. Visit our website and we will guide you to the best offer.

Thanks to our Vending Machines, buying ice will become an easy and enjoying activity during 24h/7days, 365 days a year.

Discover the products we offer, contact us we are waiting for you.

Discover all about the quality of the products and services offered by Self Service Ice Company.

 Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass.

Instant cooling of any type of cups or glasses. It doesn't need too much space, so it can be placed anywhere.

It improves the taste of your drinks and cocktails as it adds no flavor and the ice melts. Ideal for champagnes and white wines, as it maintains the carbon they hold.

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